Purchase a private mine for you (and select friends) to use on your plot, away from all the chaos of public mines!

These mines are filled with expensive blocks.

When you purchase a plotmine you will be given a special item (a piece of bedrock) which you can place on your plot to place your plotmine. Once you place it where it has enough space, it will ask you to right click it again to confirm placement.


Once you confirm it by right clicking the block again, the mine is ready to be used!


To Reset the plotmine, stand in it and use /plotmine reset 

To add friends to it, simply add them to your plot with /plot add (name) or /plot trust (name).

To relocate the plotmine or remove it, simply right click the main block and confirm the removal in the menu!


Frequently Asked Questions:

[Q] It won't let me place my plotmine due to "Plot Borders"!
[A] All you need to do is find the top left corner, which allows your plotmine to fit properly. Placing a large plotmine in the middle of your plot will not work!

[Q] I didn't get a plotmine, I got some bedrock!
[A] Well, all you need to do is place your bedrock on your plot! This will allow you to place your plotmine.

[Q] I can't reset my plotmine!
[A] You need to stand inside your plotmine to reset it, simple.

[Q] I purchased a plotmine from someone but I cannot place it, why?
[A] Plotmines can only be placed by those with the correct permissions, so essentially, unless you purchase a plotmine from the store or give it to someone who has the permissions, you will be unable to use it.

Iron Block Mine 5.00 1.00 USD Buy
Gold Block Mine 12.50 2.50 USD Buy
Half Diamond Block Half Gold Block Mine 40.00 8.00 USD Buy
Diamond Block Mine 25.00 5.00 USD Buy
Half Diamond Block Half Emerald Block Mine 30.00 6.00 USD Buy
Emerald Block Mine 35.00 7.00 USD Buy
Black-Clay Block Mine 42.50 8.50 USD Buy
White-Clay Block Mine 45.00 9.00 USD Buy
Red-Clay Block Mine 50.00 10.00 USD Buy